"There is no me."
"There’s just things happening."
"We're all tetrahedrons
moving around together."
"We're a field of energy dancing for itself."
Jim Carrey 2017


i am not empty enough to be filled up with the kingdom of light

i am not holy to be grounded in love and peace

i am not enlightened to see the truth beyond darkness

i am not awaken to understand more than depression

i am neither insane nor in sense of the whole

i am neither complete nor complaining about incompleteness

i am not the person you wish to say that it is because

i am not anybody at all i am even not nothing

i need no more name no more face no more prayer for life

i am the pure human being that is conscious about its consciousness

i am no i but my eyes to see

i am no why but my wow to agree

i am no longer shy so i don't need to flee

i am what it is and i feel that bliss

to be able to stop that prayer of nothingness

2012 hatte die neue Satsang-Bewegung ihren Zenit bereits überschritten. Aus Satsang wurde allmählich Satire, aus Erleuchtung wurde Erschöpfung: das spirituelle Burn-out machte sich breit. Umso leichter wurde es, sich in einen Guru zu verwandeln und Geld mit dem NICHTS zu verdienen...